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Pre/intra/post Workout The Future Of Carbohydrates Karbolyn Represents The Dawn Of A New Era Of Carbohydrate Supplementation. Unlike Other Carbohydrate Sources, Karbolyn Is Quickly Absorbed Into The Bloodstream Like A Simple Sugar But Without The Typical Spike Or Crash Caused When Your Muscles Run Out Of Fuel. In Fact, Karbolyn Is A Homopolysaccharide (Relatively Complex Carbohydrate) That Has Been Proven To Be Absorbed 18.21% Faster (See Chart Below) Than Pure Dextrose (A Simple Carbohydrate), Yet It Still Provides The Sustained Energy Of Complex Carbohydrates. Advanced Technology Makes Karbolyn Superior To Other Carbohydrates Carbohydrate Sources Such As Unprocessed Waxy Maize Starches Are Inferior For Rapid Glycogen Loading And Nutrient Absorption. These Starches Have Not Been Accurately Processed To Attain Rapid Absorption Into The Bloodstream. However, Karbolyn Uses A Proprietary Multi-Stage Enzymatic Milling Process To Reach Optimal Molecular Size. This Yields A Superior Carbohydrate For Quick Gastric Emptying Without Any Side-Effects (Such As Stomach Bloating Or Cramping) And Is Rapidly Absorbed Into The Bloodstream.

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