Keto Diet Cookbook for Women Over 50 : A collection of Healthy Recipes for Seniors Quick Weight Loss and Metabolism Reset on a Ketogenic Lifestyle Eating Low Carb Meals with Nutritional Smoothie (Paperback)

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Are you struggling to lose weight and get in shape? Do you wish to have a perfect body after 50? I will show you how to live a healthier, leaner, and happier life even now that you are above 50.Read-Along!The ketogenic diet is becoming more popular among people that wish to get in shape because it works. Yes!In this book, I have compiled a collection of ketogenic recipes for your weight loss goal, which includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even smoothies.This book will show you how to lose weight in a simple way by eating your favorite food to reset your metabolism, promote longevity, and lose belly fat with no exercise in just a few weeks.Aging comes with a lot of responsibilities which you must always keep in check to have a healthy lifestyle.Losing weight and belly fat can be challenging if you don’t know the secret…If you read this to the end, I will show you exactly what you should eat to lose weight for good and also delay aging.You have amassed a lot of weight over the years, and your belly pushes out so much that you don’t even feel confident again.All the clothes you wore some months ago can no longer be worn as you are way above your standard body size.It would be best if you had the secret to rejuvenating your body with a healthy lifestyle…Well, I have 2 news for you.One is bad news and the other, and the other is good news.I will tell you the bad news first before the good news.The bad news is that if you do NOTHING to detox your body and master weight loss and burning belly fat as an aging woman by eating the right meals for you, your tummy will continue to protrude and you will look extremely older than your real age.The first thing excess weight does to you is to make you look very much older than your real age and then mess up your body stature such that you will become unattractive.Imagine your husband looking at your “Big” stomach with disgust and then comparing you with someone with a “better-shaped tummy.”Although he might not tell you, the truth is; he secretly wishes you can shed that weight and get rid of the belly fat.Now, this is the good news; I know you can’t take the option of strenuous physical exercise for obvious reasons…TOO STRENUOUS!But, I will show you what you need to do that will help you burn belly fat, lose weight, and consequently activate your aging backward.With the right recipes on a ketogenic diet, you will lose weight fast… You will comfortably burn fat with the keto diet.Getting this book comes with a lot of benefits, some of which are: Quick to make recipes that you can make in under few minutesThe ingredients of the recipes are affordable and available in your local store.You will be able to lose weight eating delicious meals.Increase your cell metabolismAccelerate weight loss and get the flat belly dietsImprove your healthYou will successfully achieve weight loss without counting caloriesYou will get the secret to healthy aging for women over 50And many more!It doesn’t matter if you have tried to lose weight severally in the past and failed…Several people have tried the ketogenic diet and have over 90% success rate. It means that you are keying into an already proven method.Don’t forget to tell your loved ones about this book.Scroll up now and click the “BUY NOW WITH 1-Click” button and get started on the journey to get your desired body shape with healthy aging.