Keto For Women Over 50: Life-Changing Guide To A Ketogenic Lifestyle For Senior Women For A Healthy Weight Loss, Diabetes Prevention, Hormones Balance And Promote Longevity With A Gentler Approach (Ha

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55% OFF for Bookstores! NOW at $ 32.95 instead of $ 39.95! LAST DAYS! Do you want to lose weight after 50?You will Never Stop Using this Awesome Cookbook!Weight loss requires motivation. Simple but not clear. Among the thousands of people who do the process of weight loss, only a few receive and maintain the desired results. The causes of this phenomenon are varied and all are different. To increase your chances of success, it is recommended to find out the main causes of failure when trying to lose weight. Now let’s learn to use our main factors (what motivates us and what makes us happy) and we will understand how we can combine fitness and weight loss with our interests and value systems for long-term success. To find our inner motivation and start with the right foot, we must find the root cause that drives us. We need to find ways to change the desire to lose weight and travel that is expensive and positive rather than just focusing on weight loss or testing costumes. This topic sounds simple, but you must pick it up if you want to successfully pursue a weight-loss or fitness program. The basic idea of this exercise is to understand what interests us naturally, to use these resources to create lifestyle changes that are pleasant and therefore not too tiring to maintain in the long run. This book covers: How the Ketogenic Diet Works Benefits of Going on a Ketogenic Diet Ketogenic Diet for People Over 50 Ketogenic Diet FAQs Primary Keto Guidelines – the Do’s and Don’ts of Keto Over 50 Keto Side Effects and How to Solve Them Additional Things That Can Help Keto Grocery List Simple Keto RecipesAnd much more!!! 55% OFF for Bookstores! NOW at $ 32.95 instead of $ 39.95! LAST DAYS! Buy it NOW and get addicted to this amazing book