Kind Breakfast Bars 8G Protein Gluten Free Almond Butter 4 Packs of 2 Bars

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Made with 5 Super Grains: Oats, Millet, Buckwheat, Amaranth, Quinoa. Sustained Energy from 100% Whole Grains (20g per serving). Good source of Protein (8 G per serving). Gluten Free. No Genetically Engineered Ingredients (GMOs). Og Trans Fat. Low Sodium. Good Source of Fiber (10g fat per serving). Kosher. 4 Packs of 2 Breakfast Bars. Mornings Are Hectic, But Breakfast Doesn’t Need To Be. Start your day with a good source of protein and energizing whole grains. KIND breakfast protein bars are made witha unique blend of super grains and contain 8 g of complete protein, making them perfect for your mornings on-the-go. Oats. Millet. Buckwheat. Amaranth. Quinoa. Simple, right? Do the kind thing for your body. Almond Butter breakfast protein bars combine whole grains, fiber and protein, making them the perfect way to start your day. Do the kind thing for your taste buds. Treat your taste buds to our Almond Butter breakfast protein bars. Whole grains mixed with almond butter and a soft-baked, crispy outside make these bars a delicious part of your morning routine. Do the kind thing for your world. From the snacks and foods we make, to the way we work, live and give back, our goal is to make KIND not just a brand, but also a state of mind and community to make the world a little kinder.

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