Kiss My Keto Bars Cookie Dough 12 Bars

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Curb Hunger and Boost Energy with Delicious Keto Bars that Taste Like Candy Bars – But Are Amazing For Your Body! Grain Free 1 g Sugar Up to 12 g Fiber. Gluten Free Ingredients Keto Up to 4 g Net Carbs. Soy Free Ingredients High Protein Made with Stevia. Kiss Cravings Goodbye With Delicious Keto BarsThought you had to give up your favorite candy bars on keto? Think again. Our sweet, convenient and guilt-free keto bars make keto a breeze with only 3 – 4 Net Carbs per bar. Each bite will feel like youre cheating – but instead youll be fueling your brain and body with healthy, all-natural and keto-approved ingredients. Ready to eat 24/7.Hungry at work? Stuck in traffic? Did those late-night cravings strike? Need a pre- or post-workout snack? Keto bars are convenient to eat. Theyre also mess-free, so you dont have to be shy of snacking anywhere. Contains only keto-friendly ingredients.Unlike many health bars, youll find zero junk, fillers or artificial nonsense in our ingredients. Our keto bars are filled with everything your body needs to reap the benefits of a healthy keto lifestyle – and nothing it doesnt. A guilty treat thats guilt-free.Those high-sugar energy bars may not be the healthiest choice, but theyre hard to resist. Our keto bars delight your taste buds with incredible flavors like Birthday Cake, Maple Donut, Peanut Butter and Cookie Dough. Youll never miss those carb-filled snacks again. The perfect breakfast for those busy mornings.Dont have the time to cook breakfast? Instead of grabbing something unhealthy on your way to work, go for a keto-friendly bar instead thats filled with quality ingredients. Youll stay full for hours with 9-10 grams of protein and 19 grams of healthy fats. Power snacks for outdoor adventures.Youll never know when hunger strikes during those hikes, camping trips, and cycling activities. Our delicious and energizing keto snack bars are chock full of MCTs to keep you going without the crash. What Are Keto Bars Made of?Each pack is full of goodness. Whole Egg Powder. Made with real eggs, whole egg powder helps with your moderate protein intake. Its also a source of calcium and other minerals. Coconut Oil. Research suggests that coconut oil can blast body fat by controlling your appetite. Coconut oil also increases HDL which is your good cholesterol. Milk Protein Isolate. Increasing your feeling of fullness, milk protein isolate contains the same amino acids in fresh milk. If you want to gain lean muscle mass, using it as a post-workout supplement is a great idea. MCT. Medium-chain triglycerides are also found in coconut oil. But the difference is, MCT oil has a higher concentration of MCTs, making it a more effective supplement for weight loss. MCT oil helps you reach nutritional ketosis by converting into ketones in your liver. Purified Stevia Extract. This is a non-nutritive sweetener that comes from the stevia plant. Unlike regular sweeteners in the market, stevia will not raise your blood sugar. Almonds. A handful of almonds a day keeps disease away. Almonds contain antioxidants that fight inflammation and help reduce the risk of heart disease.

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