Laci Le Beau Super Dieter’s Tea Cinnamon Spice 30 Tea Bags

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Supports Weight Loss Efforts. Helps Eliminate Impurities. Naturally Caffeine Free. Herbal Dietary Supplement. It’s Tea Time. Laci’s Super Dieter’s Tea blends nature’s finest botanicals to create a tea with inspiring aromas and all natural ingredients. Laci Le Beau Cinnamon Spice Herbal Tea combines tangy orange and sweet papaya, with licorice root and cinnamon with chrysanthemum and a touch of honeysuckle. To complete this blend senna leaf is also added which will help cleanse your body of impurities and support your weight loss efforts. Your Diet is in the Bag. “All good things (even your diet) start with a cup of tea.” ~ Laci

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