Lean Shake 25 – Vanilla Bean

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Gnc Total Lean Lean Shake 25: Meal Replacements To Help Meet Weight-Loss Goals Consume Gnc Total Lean Lean Shake 25 On-The-Go Beverages To Replace Meals Or As A Snack Low-Carb Drink To Help Meet Weight-Loss And Bmi Goals . These ShakesAre Available In Five Flavors: Vanilla Bean, Strawberries And Cream, Swiss Chocolate, Banana Cream And Cookies And Cream. This Low-Carb Drink Contains Protein, Vitamins And Minerals, Including B-Vitamins And Niacin, To Help Support Energy Metabolism. Other Vitamins And Minerals, Including Phosphorous, Manganese And Vitamin D, Encourage Overall Good Health. Contains 12-14 Fl Oz Bottles Drink Gnc Total Lean Lean Shake 25 As A Convenient Meal Replacement Or Snack Available In Five Tasty Flavors Features AClinicallyStudiedFormulaTo Aid Weight-Loss And Bmi Goals Support For Energy Metabolism Encourages Good Health a Randomized Clinical Study Consisting Of 109 Healthy Participants Compared The Use Of Lean Shake 25 Ready-To-Drink In Conjunction With A Meal And Exercise Plan (Total Daily Caloric Intake Of 1500 Calories) To A 1500 Calorie Diet & Exercise Plan Alone. This Study Resulted In Nearly Twice As Much Total Weight Loss (-7.6 Vs. -3.9 Pounds), Along With Improvements In Body Mass Index (Bmi) Among The Lean Shake 25 Rtd Users At The End Of 12 Weeks. Meal & Exercise Plan Available At Www.totallean.com .

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