LELINTA Waist Trainer Belt Wrap for Women Sport Girdle Waist Trimmer Compression Belly Slimming Weight Loss Body Shaper

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Waist Trainer Belt for Women Weight Loss Soft Waist Trimmer Sweat Belt Stomach Tummy Wrap Shaper Belly NEW RELEASE: Waist Eraser Corset Belt Constructed with Flex-boning technology to work like a corset or waist trimmer. It slims down your waist down INSTANTLY with a comfortable soft touch; You can wear it as either an outfit or under your shirt – either way will give you a slim hourglass figure immediately.DURABLE CLOSURE: double-adjustment Durable closure waistband to enhance the compression around your tummy and adjustment.You don’t worry about falling off when you’re exercising, because the and the material inside are stitch together.TUMMY & BACK SUPPORT: 12 Steel Bones is rigid yet stretchy in the right places and provides tons of support to your back. If you have lower back issues, our waist trainers, like a compression binder around the waist to offer lumbar support, help relieve pain and improve posture.Keep your muscles warm, Improve Posture, Stabilize Spine.ENHANCED WEIGHT LOSS & AB ENERGY BURN: The compression built around midsection corrects posture and boosts fat burn while standing or sitting during work. Combine the continuous use with a healthy lean diet, exercise and drink plenty of water for extraordinary results.TIPS OF USE: Before you begin exercising, adjust your Waist Trimmer to desired position and wrap it comfortably around your abdomen. The Waist Trimmer can be worn under or over your clothing.It gives you the hourglass curves instantly and can be used during work, daily outfit, workout, fitness or sauna.Buyer Show Before Initial use:Wipe down Waist Eraser Belt with a damp cloth. Use a clean cloth to dry off Waist Trimmer and air-dry overnight. After Exercise: Lather a damp cloth with soap and run down inside of Waist Trimmer several times. Use a clean cloth to dry and air-dry overnight.YogaIt reduces & shrink waist size, Helps define curves, Corrects posture,Flattens your abdomen, Accelerates metabolism, Supports lower back, Protects and prevents Injury.Great for workout,gym,yoga,fitness.Running Sauna heat action Slims and trims your appearance instantly Adjustable closure /Hand washableBurns 150 calories in 40 minutes with exerciseAllows AB muscles to be more visibleSupports lower back for weight liftingwhat you will get: