Lilvigor Men’s Sauna Vest Waist Trainer for Weight Loss Polymer Sauna Suit for Fitness Heat Trapping Zipper Sweat Enhancing Workout Tank Top Slimming Shirt

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Lilvigor Men’s Sauna Vest Waist Trainer for Weight Loss Polymer Sauna SuitsHEAT UP & SWEAT QUICKLY: The advanced inner heat preservation fabric makes your body temperature rise effectively, improve blood circulation and sweat quickly.UPGRADED SWEAT SAUNA FABRIC: Vest consists of two layers-inner heat-producing polymer fabric increases your core temperature, promotes sweating through movement, makes your sweat tripled than usual, accelerates calories burning.Outer performance compressionfabric can instantly shape your figure, make you look slimmer and more structured.EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE AND VERSATILE: Sauna vest with Zipper burn fat more than regular gym clothing,helps posture for back and abs as you workout.Scientific design and compression help you correct posture, tighten the abdomen, it will fit your bodycurves, shape your body shape, help you more easily achieve fitness goals. This internal polymer material does not absorb water, so you can wipe the sweat with a towel when you sweat too much, so that you can keep it dry.COMFORT & VERSATILITY: Sweat Shaper is designed so that it’s incredibly light and comfortable to wear even for extended periods.Wearing while working out or while performing daily activities creates a hot sauna-like experience. Your body temperaturewill rise, so you sweat more and lose weight.Increased sweating also helps with detoxifying and cleansing your pores.NO SMELL & NO ALLERGY: Sweat hot slimming body shaper doesn’t smell like traditional neoprene sauna suit, no allergy, comfortable to wear all day. It is easy to wear like under shirt and it can be worn under all kinds of clothes. This sauna vestis lightweight and small space,easy to be packed in your gym bag, suitable for all sports in gym, outdoors and daily wear.Specifications:Brand:LilvigorDesigned:Front Zipper/Polymer Fabric/Sweat Effect MaterialFunction:Fat Burner/Weight Loss/Tummy Control/Back SupportShipping:USPSSuitable For:MenGarment Care:Hand WashingFast Fulfillment:YESPackage Included:1 * Zipper Sweat Vest