Manitoba Harvest Hemp Yeah! Balanced Protein + Fiber 1 lb

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15 g Protein 2.5 g Omega-3 & 6 7 g Fiber per 30 g Serving. 15 Servings. Vegan. Non GMO. Kosher. Keto. Manitoba Harvest has taken the wholesome goodness of one of the greenest crops on the earth, hemp, and made it into a delicious and convenient protein powder. Stir into your hot cereal or yogurt, enjoy in a pre/post workout smoothie, or add to your favorite baking recipe. Try some today! Hemp Yeah! Balanced Protein + Fiber is:. A raw whole food. Made with only one ingredient. Made from Non-GMO hemp seeds. Established in 1998, Manitoba Harvest is proud to be a farmer owned company. The operate a 20,000 Sq. Ft. state-of-the-art, 100% wind-powered, USDA organic and kosher certified facility where they make hemp foods fresh daily and adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPS). They have and will continue to guarantee you the freshest and highest quality hemp food products on the market.

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