Master Rapid Weight Loss Hypnosis: A Quickstart Guide To Get More Beautiful With Natural And Rapid Weight Loss With Hypnosis, Mindfulness Diet, Hypnotic Gastric Band And Stay Amazing (Paperback)

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55% OFF for Bookstores! NOW at $ 23.97 instead of $ 34.97! LAST DAYS! If your goal is to lose weight, it’s important to understand the importance of nutrition. When you eat a nutritious diet, you burn more calories than if you ate a less healthy meal. Hypnosis makes it easy for you to eat fewer calories without even noticing. You’ll feel full and satisfied, so you won’t snack throughout the day.No one should have to live a life of weakness. At Hypnosis, we strive to help you reach your fullest potential. We offer professional weight-loss services that are backed by evidence-based studies. The latest results from our clinical studies show that our hypnosis programs can lead to an average weight loss of up to 10% within the first 12 weeks.This book covers: Healing The Body With Self-HypnosisThe Power Of Meditation For Rapid Weight LossThe Power Of Positive AffirmationsPositive Affirmations For Rapid Weight LossRepetition Of A MantraHow To Practice Every DayUsing Positive Affirmations To Lose WeightHarnessing Positive Affirmation And Meditation For Rapid Weight LossRapid Weight Loss Through AffirmationWeight Loss AffirmationsAnd much more!Many people will tell you that hypnosis is the answer. But did you know that most of these people are trying to sell you their own product? These internet experts claim that hypnosis will help you lose weight faster and easier than anything else out there. But the truth is that hypnosis isn’t really all that effective for losing weight. If someone wants to sell you a “hypnosis program”, what do you think their incentive is? Their incentive is to sell their own product. 55% OFF for Bookstores! NOW at $ 23.97 instead of $ 34.97! LAST DAYS! Your customers Will Never Stop Using This Awesome Book!Buy it NOW and let your customers become addicted to this amazing book.