MenoLabs MenoFit Menopause Probiotic for Healthy Weight 60 Capsules

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Menopause Probiotic For Healthy Weight. MSG Free Soy Free Estrogen Free. Doctor Formulated Certified FDA Facility. Acid Resistant Capsule Gluten Free. Vegetarian Cruelty Free Dairy Free. 30 Day Supply. MenoFit is a clinically tested, all-natural, complete menopause symptom relief supplement. This advanced, 28-ingredient formulation includes probiotics, herbs, vitamins, and minerals to help support:. Reduce Hot Flashes – Weight Loss -Boost Metabolism -Balance Mood – Reduce Night Sweats – Gut / Microbiome Health -Bone and Joint Health- Increase Mental Clarity -Immune Health – Heart Health. How MenoFit WorksMenoFit is the most complete clinically tested synbiotic (probiotics + natural supplements) on the market. Designed for women in perimenopause and menopause, with a proprietary blend of 28 all-natural ingredients specifically identified and formulated by Dr. John P. Konhilas to address a multitude of menopausal symptoms. Not Just Any Probiotic Will DoRecent scientific studies are proving that probiotics can do more than just improve digestive health; they are critical to improving the microbiome. MenoFit includes a very specific blend of probiotics that have been found in clinical trials and other scientific studies to be associated with immune support, heart health, weight loss, reduced adipose tissue, reduced waist circumference, and improve sugar metabolism. Bifidobacterium Animalis (B420) Lactobacillus Gasseri Lactobacillus Plantarum Lactobacillus Reuteri. Natures SupplementsWe packed many of the best herbs for womens health into this supplement to support healthy cholesterol, hot flashes, mood swings, irritability, hormonal imbalances, and anti-aging. These herbs are phytoestrogens, plant compounds that bind with estrogen receptors in your body. Red CloverChasteberryDong QuaiMagnolia Bark. The Vitamins Women NeedTo best support your health as you transition, we wanted something better than just a general multivitamin. We target our focus on the things women in all stages of menopause need a little more of. Vitamin CVitamin D3Vitamin K2Vitamin B6Vitamin B12FolateZinc. “After decades of study on the gut microbiome, I am confident that it is responsible for nearly 1/3 of your overall health. From immune health and heart health, to nutrient sensing, weight gain and sugar metabolism, all the way to mood, anxiety and sleep improvements – if your gut is out of balance, your health is out of balance. “. – Dr. John Konhilas, PhD and Leading Women’s Health Researcher

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