Mindful Holistic Weight Loss for Women: Powerful Self-Hypnosis and Meditations For Weight Loss At Any Age with this 21 Day Mindset Program. (Paperback)

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Today 55% OFF for Bookstores! NOW at 23.95 instead of 34.95 A 21 day program for women to lose weight and get in shape using powerful mindset techniquesYour customers will love this amazing book ! Thousands of women have tried and failed with stressful diets or unhealthy weight loss pills. Today there is a new way to lose weight and get in shape using the power of our mind to shape the body and eating habits. Thanks to this 3 week program, your customers will discover how simple it can be to manage problems linked to weight gain. In Mindful Holistic Weight Loss for Women the reader will find material on: – Emotional relationship with food- How to reprogram the mind- 100 positive affirmations for weight loss- How to start a mindful eating- Diet myths And much more… Buy it NOW and let the meditations and hypnosis contained in this book help your customers to achieve their weight loss goals!