Mre Lite – Peanut Butter Cookie Animal Based Protein

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Redcon1 Mre Lite – Peanut Butter Cookie: Animal Based Protein Redcon1’s Whole Foods Meal Replacement Protein Powder, Mre, Is Now Available In Lower Calories – Introducing Mre Lite. Mre Lite Delivers The Same Great Taste And Whole Food Sources As Our Original Mre Formula, But With Much Less Carbohydrates, Ideal For The Person Keeping A Close And Watchful Eye On Their Macronutrients. That Means If You’re Dieting And On Restricted Calories, You Too Can Enjoy The One-Of-A-King, Whole Food Meal Replacement Powder Mre Lite. No Whey Protein Only 2 Grams Of Sugar Per Serving Mixes Easily 24 G Of Protein, 4 G Of Carbohydrates And 130 Calories Per Serving (1 Scoop)

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