MusclePharm Carnitine Essentials Citrus 1000 mg – 31 Servings

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1000 MG Carnitine Blend. Promotes Fat Loss. Added Raspberry Ketyones. Promote Fat Loss with Carnitine. MusclePharm Carnitine features a 1,000 mg blend of Carnitine, as well as added Raspberry Ketones, to help promote fat loss. Carnitine plays a pivotal role in the body’s ability to metabolize fat into muscle energy. Although Carnitine’s produced naturally in the body as well as obtained through foods such as red meat-many athletes also supplement their intake. Turn fat into fuel with MusclePharm Carnitine. Fuel your active lifestyle. Key Features. Promotes energy for weight loss by utilizing fat. Helps reduce body fat. Helps athletic performance and endurance. Helps convert fat into energy

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