MusclePharm Combat BCAA plus Recovery Blue Raspberry 30 Servings

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Support Lean Muscle Maintenance. Replenish Electrolytes. Banned Substance Tested. 7 g BCAAs | 3 g EAAs | 0 g Sugar | 0 Calories. Natural & Artificial Flavors. Combat BCAA + Recovery. Combat BCAA + Recovery supports your lean muscle maintenance and replenish your electrolytes after the most grueling training. It can be taken any time – before, during or after training. Sip on it all day so you can get back to the grind. 10 g BCAAs & EAAs. Contains 10 g of BCAAs and EAAs with No Proprietary Blends. 1000 mg Electrolytes. Contains 1000 mg of electrolytes and its banned-substance tested. 3:1:2 Ratio BCAAs. Contains Clinically-studied 3:1:2 Ratio BCAAs with 0 Sugar, 0 Calories and 0 Artificial Dyes

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