MyoPower BCAA – Tangy Orange

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Gnc Amp Myopower Bcaa – Tangy Orange: Muscle Fuel For Enhanced Power And Repair Complete Muscle Fuel Containing Bcaa Enhanced With Clinically Studied Betapower Hmb And Glutamine. For Explosive Power Output And Advanced Muscle Protein Synthesis And Muscle Repair. Featuring A Tri-Creatine Complex For Fueling Muscle And Athletic Performance For Bigger Gains. Pre-Workout, Fuels Muscle Performance And Provides Immediate Energy Support During Workout, Fuels Muscle Power And May Support Decrease In Muscle Protein Breakdown. Post-Workout, Supports Muscle Repair And Growth Following Intense Training ♦in One Study, Eight Weeks Of Supplementation With This Product Creatine And Carbohydrate Blend In Male Collegiate Athletes During Off-Season Training Produced A 12.9% Increase In Bench Press, 8.4% Increase In Vertical Jump And A 2.6% Improvement In 100-Yard Dash Performance Compared To Those Taking Only Carbohydrates Who Experienced A 4.5%, 11% And 0.4% Improvement, Respectively.

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