Natreve New Zealand Whey Protein Powder Strawberry Shortcake 23.8 oz

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100% Grass-Fed Whey Protein Powder. Greens. Probiotics. Gluten-Free. Non GMO. 28 G Protein. Collagen. rBGH Hormone-Free. 18 Servings. Wellness With A Purpose. First of all, congratulations, you must be an ocean lover. Let us tell you how excited we are you are here. You have chosen the best ingredients that a product can offer. We are tested extensively for any banned substances and free of anything artificial. We are the world’s first certified plastic-neutral and carbon-neutral wellness company. Eat Right and Go Good. So don’t be shy, drink up! Happy Cows = Healthy Cows. Highly Bioavailable Protein Isolate. Easily Digested. Low in Lactose. New Zealand Whey. Revolutionary collagen peptide used in this formula. Our Superfoods. Broccoli Kale Spinach Probiotics. Use(s) Or Purpose:. Source of Protein, Essential Amino Acids, and Branched-Chain Amino Acids for the purpose of maintaining good health. Protein helps to build and repair body tissues, and allows recovery during protein synthesis. Collagen is a clinically studied ingredient to help in tissue regeneration. Certified 100% grass-fed/hormone-free New Zealand Whey Isolate. The purest of all whey proteins. Yielding the highest bioavailability and absorption. Rich in amino acids and easy to digest while lactose-free. We guarantee each and every product you purchase from Natreve. Every lot, batch and raw material is vigorously tested for impurities to ensure not one trace of any banned substances are present. Hooray!This protein powder is gluten free & non-gmo.We dont use artificial sweeteners, artificial flavours or colours.

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