Naturade Weight Gain Vanilla 20.3 oz

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Now with 20% More! – 12 Servings. Instant Nutrition Drink Mix. Adds over 1600 Calories when mixed with whole milk twice daily. Gluten Free. Tastes Delicious. Naturally Flavored & Sweetened. Naturade Weight Gainer – The Naturally Flavored Gainer. Naturade Weight Gain with No Sugar Added is a naturally flavored, nutrient dense food formulated to help you magnify calorie intake and gain weight fast. It provides balanced nutrition and is a food, not a dietary supplement, and does not contain any stimulants or steroids. Naturade Weight Gain enhances your body’s utilization ofnutrients for optimal calorie absorption with 3 natural enzymes – Papain, Bromelain, and Pancreatin. You can add over 1600 calories daily in a fast, safe way to supplement our balanced meal plan. It’s important that you do not reduce your regular food intake.

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