Nature’s Way Whole Body Cleanse Unflavored 1 Kit

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Complete 10-Day Cleansing System. With Probiotics! Lose Toxins & Weight. Restores Regularity & Digestive Balance. No Harsh Stimulant Laxatives. Improved Faster & More Gentle! Kit Contains:. 1-Fiber Fusion PLUS daily cleansing fiber, 44 Veg Capsules. 1-Acidophilus Pearls active cultures, 10 Capsules. 1-Detox Activation cleansing formula, 46 Tablets. Go Beyond Cleansing! Complete Detoxification. Captures toxins throughout the body. Delivers safe, gentle fast results. No harsh stimulant laxatives. Restore Digestive Balance while you cleanse. Probiotics replenish healthy bacteria. Relieves occasional gas, bloating and digestive discomfort. Helps restore regularity. Kick-start Weight Loss. Primes your body for diet success. Eliminates toxins and excess waste for a fresh start. Naturally renews your body from the inside out. Feel lighter, revitalized and in control of your health! English/Spanish User Guide Included. Whole Body Cleanse COMPLETE 10-Day Cleansing System. Detox Activation cleansing formula. Fiber Fusion PLUS daily cleansing fiber. Acidophilus Pearls active cultures

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