NuGo Nutrition NuGo Free Bar Dark Chocolate Trail Mix 12 Bars

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Made Delicious with REAL Dark Chocolate. Certified Gluten Free. Wheat, Soy and Dairy Free. 9 g Protein. Kosher. Certified Vegan. Non-GMO Project Verifed. You are now free to snack! NuGo Free is a wholesome, delicious and nourishingsnack for people with sensitivities to wheat, dairy and soy! People with food restrictions have difficulty finding delicious healthy snacks. That’s why NuGo made NuGo Free for individuals with sensitivities to wheat, dairy, soy and gluten. NuGo Free is for those people with Celiac disease and for anyone looking for wholesome nourishing food. NuGo FREE is bottom-coated in luscious, REAL dark chocolate made with natural cocoa beans. Cocoa beans provide healthy antioxidants & powerful Stearic acids which protect against heart disease, reduce blood pressure & lower bad (LDL) cholesterol. Other nutrition bars use chocolate flavoring with unhealthy vegetable oils which have no health benefits and actually raise bad LDL cholesterol while tasting waxy or overly sweet.

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