NutriWise – Classic Cheesecake Dessert High Protein Diet Pudding Mix 7/Box Gluten Free, Low Fat, Low Carb, Weight Loss, Low Sugar

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About This ProductCreamy and dreamy indulgence all without turning on an oven. That’s right, Nutriwise’s delicious cheesecake dessert is not only low fat and low calorie, but it’s also a no-bake delicious dessert option. It’s rich, velvety and there’s no denying its decadence!Sample Meal Plan:Breakfast: (1 Shake or 1 Breakfast Entre) + 1 Starch ServingSnack: 1 Protein Bar or 1 Protein Snack or 1 Chips ServingLunch: (1 Entree OR 1 Soup) + 1 Fruit ServingSnack: 1 Protein Bar or 1 Protein Snack or 1 Chips ServingDinner: 1-2 Lean Meat +1 Vegetable + 1 StarchDessert: 1 Dessert or 1 ShakeOur StoryNutriWise has always been a leader in the distribution of weight loss products. Our humble beginning has allowed us to give every consumer the attention they deserve, reaching over 500,000 satisfied customers.Surfacing online in 2008, Doctors Weight Loss provided essential weight loss products. Currently DBWL has birthed 3 flagship brands. NutriWise, ProtiWise, and Doctors Weight Loss. Our brands products are lab tested and certified, using only the top formulations. Providing customers with elite medical grade products at an affordable price, without the hassle of visiting a weight loss clinic.BENEFITS OF PROTEINBenefit #1:Protein helps your body burn fat instead of muscle for a healthier weight loss.Benefit #2:Protein curbs your hunger between meals and helps to avoid “snacking temptation”.