Oilogic Sleep & Slumber Essential Oil Epsom Salt Soak 2 lbs

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Essential Oil Care. Relaxes with a Blend of Essential Oils & Epsom Salt. 6+ Months. Gluten Free. Cruelty Free. Sleep & Calm Essential Oil Epsom Salt Soak is a custom formula of Epsom Salt, and a blend of 100% Pure Essential Oils. Did You Know? Epsom Salt is actually magnesium sulfate. For centuries, people have used this pure mineral blend as a natural solution because of its benefits including easing aches, soothing muscles, relaxing the body, softening skin & more. Our Sleep & Calm formula includes a blend of natural 100% Pure Essential Oils including:. Lavender Oil. Chamomile Oil. Mandarin Oil. Orange Oil. Grapefruit Oil. Bergamot Oil. Free of no petroleum – phthalates – parabens – sulfates – gluten- dea – dyes – mineral oil – artificial colors – synthetic perfumes

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