Olivia Chocolat Artisan Coco-Milk Choco Chocolate Bar Organic 1.75 oz

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Contains 1 Cocoa and Coconut Bar. Smooth Creamy. Dairy-Free No Cholesterol. Made in Canada. Kosher. Savour Coco-Milk Choco made from nutritious superfoods: organic coconut and roasted, organic cocoa beans. Here we make a thick cream from raw organic coconut pieces that replace the sweet, cholesterol-rich condensed milk normally found in conventional milk chocolate. Coconut us a high fiber fruit containing nutritious calorie burning, medium chain fatty acids that are now known to assist managed weight loss and improve skin tone. The Olivia process delivers the smoothest dairy-free milk chocolatey taste imaginable, free of peanut almond, walnut, hazel, brazil and main allergen nuts, as well as being soy and gluten free. The creamy smoothness and texture of this bar is an unparalleld achievement, delivering the taste of rich milk chocolate with a mild creamy coconut taste.

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