Olly Immunity Sleep Plus Elderberry Powder 10 Packets

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Immune & Sleep Support. Melatonin, Vitamin C, D & Zinc. Gluten Free. Sweeter slumber. Sleep is vital for a healthy immune system, so its important to get your ZZZs to help keep you at your best. This powerful blend supports immune health and encourages sound, restorative sleep. Mix with warm water for soothing sips. 10 Stick Packs. A blend of Melatonin, Vitamin C, D & Zinc. How It WorksImmunity Sleep + Elderberry blends the goodness of defense superstars, Elderberry, Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc, with the sleep support of Melatonin for a restorative night when you need it most. MelatoninThis naturally occurring hormone works with your bodys chemistry to promote healthy sleep cycles. Elderberry. This wise little berry has been used for centuries to support wellness and provide antioxidant support. Immunity Blend. A powerful trio of Vitamin C (as much as 14 oranges!), Vitamin D and Zinc that works hard to help keep your immune system going strong.

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