On-The-Go Scoop Funnel 4 Pack – White

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The Scoopie On-The-Go Scoop 4 Pack – White: With Attached Funnel Make Storing, Scooping, And Mixing Drink Powders And Protein Powders Easier Than Ever With The Scoopie. When It Comes To Managing Drink Powders, Pre-Workout Proteins, Or Even Bottle Formula, It Can Be Challenging To Keep The Just The Right Amount On You Without Spilling It While Traveling Or Pouring It Into A Bottle Or Shaker. That Why We Created the Scoopie, A 3-In-1 Portable Supplement Container, Scoop, And Funnel That Makes It Simply To Fill Your Cup Without Spilling Or Making A Mess. We’ve Even Included Four Different Sizes In Every Pack Which Makes Them A Convenient On-The-Go Solution For Workout Supplements, Baby Formula, And Even Dry Foods Or Snacks. An Innovative Design That Lets You Scoop, Seal, And Then Pour It Straight Into A Cup, It The Convenient Choice For Athletes, Fitness Enthusiasts, And Busy Moms Everywhere. Available In 4 Different Sizes Airtight, Leak-Resistant Design Scoop, Snap, And Pour System Holds Up To 8 Ounces Of Powder Microwave And Dishwasher Safe Prevents Spills And Messes

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