Orgain Organic Protein Plant Based Powder Chocolate Peanut Butter 2.03 lbs

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Organically Nutritious. Vegan Soy Free Gluten Free Non-GMO. 6 g Organic Fiber 21 g Protein 5 g Net Carbs. USDA Organic. Kosher. What’s Inside. Cleaner Ingredients. Organic Pea Protein. Organic Chia Seeds. Organic Brown Rice. Organic Fiber. Higher Standards. Dairy Free. Soy Free. Gluten Free. Lactose Free. Vegan. Non-GMO. 1 g Sugar. Get picky with your protein. Commitment to Clean Nutrition. An early battle with disease shaped my brief that the higher the quality of nutrition, the better we’ll feel. This product you’re holding is a celebration of higher standards and a conviction that it should be easier for all of us to live more vibrant lives through better nutrition. In Good Health. Andrew Abraham, M.D. Founder, Doctor, and Survivor

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