Organic Food Bar Raw Vegan Bar 12 Bars

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11g Protein 100% Raw Gluten Free. Raw Ingredients. High Energy. 6g Dietary Fiber. No Additives or Preservatives. Cold Processed. No Trans Fats. Alkaline Forming. Made Fresh Daily. Kosher Certified. Vegan Certified. Non-GMO Project Verified. We all know that we need to eat right to be healthy, but sometimes it simply is not convenient. Organic Food Bars solves this problem and they taste great too! Now, “Fast Food” can be healthy food. With Organic Food Bars you finally have the best of both worlds: The convenience of a bar and the alkaline-forming nutritional quality you need to eat healthier than ever before. No Preservatives, Additives or coatings. Nowhey or refined sugars. 2000 mg. Phytonutrient Organic BioSprouts. Healthy Lunch Alternative

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