Paradise Herbs Golden Emperor Royal Jelly 60 Vegetarian Capsules

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100% Pure. 3.5:1 Concentrated Potency. True Full Spectrum Naturally Extracted No Added Fillers. No Toxic Solvents No Harsh Chemicals No Fractionizing Gases. Made The Way Nature Intended. Paradise Golden Emperor Royal Jelly is a True Full Spectrum 3.5:1 potent concentration. It is naturally extracted without the use of toxic solvents, harsh chemicals, or fractionizing gases to ensure all active and synergistic constituents are present in the balanced ratio nature intended. Royal Jelly has long been valued as anti-aging super nutrient for supporting longevity, vitality, energy, stamina, sexual vitality and youthful hair and skin. Naturally grown or ethically wild crafted without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides or preservatives. Description of Raw Material: Fresh Royal Jelly extract 3.5:1 naturally containing a full spectrum of active and synergistic constituents including 6% 10-HDA and equal to 1,750 mg fresh royal jelly.

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