Performix Iowhey Protein – Chocolate Brownie – 18 Servings

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performix Iowhey Protein – Chocolate Brownie: Post Workout Powers Your Recovery And Builds Strength To Help You Keep Perfecting Performix Iowhey Protein Post Workout Is Powered By Io, Ingredient Optimized. Io Is A Patent-Pending Process That Naturally Modifies The Molecular Structure Of Ingredients. Through This Visionary Application, The Structure Of Protein Is Altered, Resulting In Increased Bioavailability And Efficacy Ensuring That You Get More From Less. Performix Is The Proprietary Provider Of Io . Performix Iowhey Protein Post Workout Provides 36% Increased Absorption Because Of The Increased Bioavailability Made Possible By The Io Process, Allowing You To See The Same Benefits From 22G Serving As You Would See From 30G Standard Whey Protein Isolate. Ioprotein Has Also Been Proven To Provide A 46% Improvement In Stomach Discomfort Post-Consumption, Resulting In A Delicious Post-Workout That Improves The Poor Digestion Experience Associated With Protein And Powers Your Post Workout Recovery And Strength Build. Provides 22G Of Ioprtoein Per Serving; Equivalent To 30G Standard Whey Protein Isolate Per Serving Post Workout Recovery 36% Increased Protein Absorption Reduced Taste Discomfort Post-Consumption ^ Unrivaled Taste When You Buy Performix You Support The Fitops Foundation as Demonstrated In A Study Conducted By Lowerly Et Al At The Applied Science And Performance Institute In A Blinded Cross-Over Human Clinical Evaluating Blood Levels Of Branched Chain Amino Acid In Subjects After Consuming Standard Wpi Vs Io Treated Wpi. ^as Demonstrated In An 8-Week, Blinded Human Clinical Trial Evaluating Psychometric Measures Of Impact On Stomach Distress In Subjects After Consuming 28 Grams Of Standard Wpi V 28 Grams Of Ioprotein Wpi. Subjects Ingesting Ioprotein Reported A 46% Reduction In Stomach Discomfort. | Performix Iowhey Protein – Chocolate Brownie – 18 Servings

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