Plant Protein – Cinnamon Cookies

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Nutrex Plant Protein – Cinnamon Cookies: Gourmet-Taste Plant Protein Sets A New Standard Among All-Natural Vegan Protein Powders. It Is The Only Plant-Based Protein Powder That Combines A Low Fat And Low Carb, High Quality Protein With Absolute Mouth-Watering Gourmet Flavors That Is Totally Free Of Animal Or Dairy Proteins, And Any Artificial Flavors Or Sweeteners. Through Unrivaled Taste And Texture With Our Gourmet Flavors, Plant Protein Delivers Where Other Vegan Protein Powders Fall Short. Packed With 20 Grams Of 4 Different High-Quality Plant Proteins Per Serving, Plant Protein Features An Amino Acid Profile On Par With Whey Proteins. This Ensures That Anyone Needs, From The Health-Conscious Person To The Active Athlete Are Fully Accounted For. 20 Grams Of Protein Per Serving Made From 4 Sources Of Raw Plant Protein Lactose & Gluten Free For Easy Digestion Low In Fat & Sugar

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