Positive Affirmations for Weight Loss : Stop emotional eating and develop healthy eating habits. Learn how to lose weight easily and improve your mental health with hypnosis and guided meditation (Paperback)

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Are you getting tired of following one diet after diet but without obtaining the results you truly wanted? Have you ever looked around and check all types of delicious foods and think why they are here on our planet if you cannot have them? If yes, then this book is the ideal answer to your problems.By reading Positive Affirmations for Weight Loss, you will find out how affirmations could help you learn to get in the zone and accomplish your desired weight while still enjoy the foods you love!Millions of people across the planet are in the same shoes as you. They are trapped in a state of deprived health and a recurrent sequence of food, rent, and bills. You wouldn’t designate yourself as “losing” at life. However, you conceivably wouldn’t designate yourself as winning it either. What if we told you that there’s a simple step you can take to see drastic developments in your value of life? Improvements in your weight loss, in your current body situation, in the standard of your lifestyle, and even in how you feel and look? What if I told you that it could occur with less time outlay on your end? This is where the power of affirmations comes to the rescue.In this book you will explore: Weight loss ideas to get you inspired Step-by-step hypnotherapy for weight loss 1 hour guided meditation hypnosis to assist you with losing weight and eat healthily Heal your relationship with food Healing the body with hypnosis Daily weight-loss motivation with mini-habits …And much more!Let’s start this journey to lose weight and improve your life.