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Edge Of Insanity Pre-Workout – Exploding Muscle Pumps, Razor Focus Kush Feel & Psycho Endurance!Exploding Muscle Pumps! Razor Focus & Psycho Endurance!EDGE OF INSANITY hits with a force-focus, feel-good, stimulated, shirt exploding muscle pump that is more intense than any pre-workout powder you`ve ever #*%ING tried!THIS STUFF IS STRONG: This is not one of those B.S. products your girlfriend picked up at Rite Aid that you`ve been taking 2-3 scoops to feel! It`s called EDGE OF INSANITY for a reason, so start with a 1/2 Scoop.Edge of Insanity uses Zembrin (Sceletium tortuosum aerial parts extract) 25 mg combined with high-grade, top-shelf stimulants to achieve prolonged energy, zen like focus, endurance and pumps that will make you never want to stop training Edge will drive you to new personal records every time you use it!PSYCHO Endurance, Vascularity & Pumps blend: Provides nitric oxide fueled muscle pumps with added strength, power and endurance. The powerful combination of 3.2g Beta Alanine, 8G citrulline malate that gives Edge of Insanity a premium pumps blend that is unparalleled to other products.Razors Edge Focus: 350mg caffeine, ignited with a powerful blend of Theobromine, 5mg Yohimbe HCL%98, and 4mg Rauwoulscine (Alpha Y) Feel-good energy :25mg Zembrin extract provides euphoria, endurance and an all-around sense of well-being during and after any type of workout.Zembrin is the worlds most well researched and clinically studied extract of Sceletium tortuosum. Its mood-enhancing, anxiety-reducing and improved cognitive function abilities make it the best form of Sceletium tortuosum on the market. With self-affirmed, Generally-Recognized-As-Safe (GRAS) status in the USA, Zembrin is an evidence-based botanical supplement that has been thoroughly studied for safety and efficacy in comprehensive preclinical and clinical studies.High Grade Stimulants: Theobromine, yohimbe HCL and alpha yohimbe give users the highest levels of euphoria, well-being and razor sharp focus; much like past best-selling products that are no longer available, Edge of Insanity brings the fee-good back into your workouts. ENDURANCE VASCULARITY & PUMPSBeta-Alanine (-Alanine) is an amino acid naturally occurring in muscle tissue and the brain. Edge of Insanity includes the most effective and proven dose, 3.2g per serving, which helps in blocking lactic acid to accumulate in the muscles. This ingredient delays fatigue during repeated bouts of intense exercise with short recovery periods.L-Citrulline is an amino acid. It is turned into kidneys afterCitrulline malate is an amino acid that, when consumed, converts to L-arginine in the kidneys. Because of the bodys ability to convert and absorb this ingredient, L-citrulline supplementation is a far more effective method of increasing L-arginine levels in the body.Citrulline expands blood vessels to a greater extent than arginine: For intense lifting and heave weight training, citrulline has been proven to enhance nitric oxide levels at a greater rate than L-Arginine. A dose of 8 grams may reduce fatigue and improve performance in the gym. RAZORS EDGE FOCUSCaffeine anhydrous is a proven base stimulant that sets the foundation for the effective and exotic hard hitting stimulants included in Edge of Insanity.Zembrin is the worlds most well researched and clinically studied extract of Sceletium tortuosum. Its mood-enhancing, anxiety-reducing and improved cognitive function abilities made it the obvious choice to use in Edge of Insanity. In addition to all other properties, this ingredient, much like the DMAA, DMHA and ephedra, provides euphoria, endurance and an all-around sense of feel-good during and after exercise.When combined with High Grade Stimulants like, yohimbe HCL and alpha yohimbe, the effects are a feel good/razor focus similar to classic pre-workout formulas that have been banned and or no longer available. Theobromine is a stimulant that improves blood flow throughout the body. These effects are heightened when combined with caffeine and can improve attention span and brain function.Yohimbine HCl promotes the continuation of fat-burning, making it an effective supplement for its ability to increase thermogenesis, mental focus and cognitive performance.Rauwoulscine (Alpha Yohimbine) is a stimulant used for weight loss,

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