Pure Encapsulations Nitric Oxide Support 162 g

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Supports nitric oxide production for healthy circulatory function; moderates muscle fatigue. Hypoallergenic. Contains arginine, a nitric oxide precursor, to support healthy circulation and delivery of oxygen to working muscle; protect muscles from oxidation and moderate lactate dehydrogenase activity during intense exercise. Delivery forms of arginine offer the Krebs cycle intermediates alpha ketoglutarate and malate for enhanced energy production. Provides citrulline to delay the onset of muscle fatigue, maintain acid-base balance, promote aerobic energy production in muscle cells during exercise, and enhance arginine and nitric oxide production. Includes vitamin C to enhance nitric oxide activity and provide blood vessel endothelial antioxidant protection. May also be used post-exercise to support growth hormone synthesis (for healthy muscle composition) and ammonia detoxification to delay fatigue

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