Puredge Recovery – Strawberry Kiwi

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Support Your Body With Gnc Earth Genius Puredge Recovery. Replace Electrolytes Lost During Your Workout With Ingredients In This Fermented, Vegan Bcaa Blend. Key Benefits Supports Recovery With Plant-Based Ingredients Provides 6G Fermented, Vegan Bcaa Supplies Sodium And Potassium To Replace These Electrolytes That Are Lost From Sweating Contains 400 Milligrams Of Powergrape, A Whole Grape Extract, Which Is Clinically Shown To Provide A 10% Antioxidant Boost To Help Fight Free Radicals No Artificial Colors, Flavors Or Sweeteners Gluten Free, Non-Gmo, Vegan A Study Including 20 High-Level Athletes In Training And Competition Were Evaluated On Two Separate Occasions. On One Occasion They Used Powergrape Whole Grape Extract And The Second Occasion They Took A Placebo. Results Concluded A 10% Improvement In Antioxidant Levels In The Blood When They Took The Powergrape Whole Grape Extract Compared To The Placebo, Revealing Better Antioxidant Support. Powergrape Is A Trademark Of Naturex.

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