QuitGo Quitstix Premium Birchwood Toothpicks Mint 1 Box

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Easy Click. Nicotine-Free Toothpicks. Habit Replacement. Stop Smoking Alternative. Natural Flavors. Multi-Use Toothpicks. Quite vaping, smoking, diet, weight-loss & boost energy : 100% fat-free, drug-free, nicotine-free perfect for diet. Helpful in quitting smoking to help curb cravings, suppress appetite, and chew on something without any added calories.Strong flavor with a tingle : Premium birchwood toothpicks busting with strong flavor infused with a unique blend of therapeutic food-grade essential oils that offer a wide range of benefits without any side effects.Refillable carry case dispenser: The QuitStix unique, sleek & slim pocket-sized automatic Toothpick Dispenser Carry Case is a convenient & hygienic wayto stash your toothpicks at all times. It holds up to 35 toothpicks, slim size, fits perfectly in pocket or bag, discreet, and stands on any flat surface. No dirt, no germ, no mess, and can be carried everywhere.Perfect for everyone : Useful every day & ideal for sharing. QuitStix can be used and enjoyed by anyone who loves toothpicks and its always great to have around at home, work, or on-the-go. It helps to keep your mouth refreshed and replace the habit of smoking. Sugar-free | Zero calorie | Gluten free | Vegan | Keto-friendly. 100% satisfaction guarantee : The only toothpick busting with 6 great tasting bold flavors & tingle kicker at the end – 100% satisfaction money back guaranteed available in 6 great options. They are satisfying, refreshing flavored toothpicks designed with a unique carry case to help reduce cravings and replace the habit of smoking.

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