Rapid Weight Loss for Women : The Complete Meditations Guide to Lose Weight Fast Naturally. How to Avoid Food or Sugar Addiction and Overeating. Healing Your Relationship with Food. (Hardcover)

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Do you want to achieve rapid weight loss in a natural way?Would you like to be able to cut out sugar cravings and emotional eating?This book has the answers, ready for you to succeed!People have been dieting for as long as we have been overeating and gaining weight, but in recent years there has been a huge spike in the numbers of those who want to shed those excess pounds. People often eat either for lack of willpower or perhaps because they feel lonely, stressed, depressed, and the food seems to offer momentary comfort.Inside this book, Rapid Weight Loss for Women, you’ll discover the perfect solution to losing weight, with chapters that include advice on: – MEALS FOR FEEL FULL – Feel fuller quicker during meals – THE RIGHT HABITS AND THE RIGHT FOODS – Long term Weight Loss with Hypnosis – What causes food addiction? – Loving the food you eat- A BETTER RELATIONSHIP WITH FOOD – Taking care of your body and mind- The Beginner’s Mistakes of Weight Loss- Communication with Your Body – And much more…Even if you have tried and failed before when it came to dieting, this technique is something that is different and provides a tried and tested method that will not only see you succeed with your weight loss plan. Close your eyes and imagine you’re wearing your ideal body shape.Scroll up now and click Add to Cart for your copy of this amazing book!