Rapid Weight Loss Hypnosis 2020: Effective Weight Loss Hypnosis, Weight Loss Affirmation, Natural Calorie and Fat Burn, Weight Loss Meditation for healthy living and best body shape (Paperback)

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If you want to lose weight rapidly because you have a big day coming up, then keep reading….Are you sick of trying everything you can to lose weight, but haven’t seen any obvious results? Have you tried numerous techniques before but still failed to lose weight or failed to see any obvious results? You have probably spent hours at the gym, bought weight loss pills, start endless diets or tried a variety of programs, but nothing has seemed to work. Even worse, some might have only worked for a short period of time.According to the CDC national center for health statistics, 39.8 percent of American adults are obese and 3/4 of Americans are likely to be overweight by the year 2020…. Keep reading to make sure you don’t become one of them!In this book, you will discover that: -Hypnosis fundamentally changes your mind-set toward food-Your appetite is fundamentally lowered on a long-term basis-Removing the need to cheat in your meals is within your grasp-Eating the right foods becomes automatic-Dieting doesn’t change your habits-How to replace your negative habits and eating patterns with positive ones-It makes losing weight easy by rewiring the subconscious mindHypnosis is a proven world-renowned weight loss technique which has helped people around the world. Studies have proven that people on this hypnosis method are losing an average of 17 percent more weight than people on the other diet types.Start the journey into your dream body by losing all the fats NOW