Rapid Weight Loss Hypnosis : Control You Mind, Develop Self-Discipline And Stick To Your Meal Plan (Paperback)

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The Ultimate Weight Loss Secrets – Revealed!Have you ever tried dieting but ended up gaining even more weight?Have you ever started a gym routine, but gave up after a month or two because you weren’t seeing results?Have you ever invested in weight loss pills and shakes but they mostly made you sick (and cost you lots of money)?Now it’s time to approach weight loss in a way that really works. Instead of fighting against your own desires and habits, you can easily master portion control, forget your cravings, and build many other fat-melting habits through… hypnosis.Hypnosis is not a circus trick! It’s a powerful technique that can heal your body image issues, make you stop overeating, fix your mind-body connection and help you discover the joy of physical activity – all this will make you lose weight fast, without the dreaded yo-yo effect.Sounds promising?Then this book by Julian Howard is exactly what you need! It provides a detailed introduction to the use of hypnosis for rapid weight loss – along with clear step-by-step instructions that you can try out and watch the extra pounds melt away.This book will: Help you understand the truth about hypnosis and what it can do for weight lossExplain why dieting and most other weight loss advice doesn’t workIntroduce you to hypnosis techniques that can change your body image and eating habits, leading to weight lossProvide a step-by-step guide to self-hypnosis that you can try out at onceHelp you lose weight for good and maintain your ideal figure easilyThe earlier you start to cultivate innovation and entrepreneurship in your child, the more successful they’ll be in the future.Reprogram your mind to have a fit, healthy, slim body. It’s easy.Scroll up and click on the “Buy Now” button!