Rapid Weight Loss Hypnosis For Women: The Best and Complete Guide to Learn How to Lose Weight and Boost Your Mindfulness And Meditation with the Most Powerful Self-Hypnosis Techniques and Body Heal. (

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Many people don’t believe in hypnosis and, faced with irrefutable results, try to rationalize. They are right. That is: the hypnotist does not have a magic wand that will make, for example, the extra pounds disappear. Sometimes, those who turn to him have already done a part of the path, have already become aware of their problem, and have decided to solve it.Why does hypnosis work? Certainly not because the therapist has some strange paranormal powers, but, on the contrary, because the mind of each of us has unlimited resources.Your mind has immense potential, and hypnosis can be the “button” that turns on the right light bulb.And this works extremely well when you have weight to lose; hypnosis can make your extra pounds disappear and give you the perfect shape you have been looking for for many years.How? As soon as you start reading this incredibly exhaustive guide, you will realize how you will no longer be able to do without this book…… you will start freeing yourself from overeating and creating a new happier, healthier life thanks to hypnosis!In this book, you will: – Clearly Understand What Weight Loss Hypnosis Is and Why It Works So Well for Weight Loss, being the only solution to act on the body’s memory, reflexes, and beliefs towards food.- Learn How to Use Hypnosis to Remove Subconscious Weight Loss Blocks and get to your weight goal in a very short time.- Discover Seven Secret Weight Loss Motivation Tips to help you stay focused, because following a diet and an exercise plan to get back in shape can be very stimulated at first, but after some time the motivation to lose weight may begin to decline.- Find Out How to Free Yourself from Emotional Eating to stop using food as a reward when happy, and craving sweets or unhealthy snacks when stressed.- Realize How Important It Is to Lose Weight With Mindful Eating. The vast majority of studies agree that mindful eating helps you lose weight by changing your eating behaviors and reducing stress. Research is revealing that when you focus on what you are eating, without distractions, you develop a healthier relationship with food, may lose more weight and are more likely to keep it off.- … & Much More!The problem with diets is that they do not take into account either the psychological aspects of the relationship with food or the emotional dimension. Hypnosis helps to improve the relationship with food, eating in a balanced way, without counting calories, with pleasure, and only when you are hungry.This must-have manual will teach you that through the power of hypnosis it is possible to manipulate the subconscious to convince you to make you feel less hungry and motivate you to live a healthier lifestyle.