Rapid Weight Loss Hypnosis: Rapid Weight Loss Hypnosis : Powerful Hypnosis Psychology, Guided Meditations with Positive Affirmations: Burn Fat Fast and Naturally, Increase Your Motivation, Self Esteem and Stop Emotional Eating (Series #1) (Paperback)

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Does it feel like something’s held you back from losing fat? Do you feel like your ‘genetics’, and the routine of your daily life, make it impossible to actually get results with your hard dieting and exercise?If you’re tired of working hard but seeing little to no results… Read on.See, your brain is actually the single most important factor in your ability to lose weight. By controlling your hormones, appetite, metabolism, and energy, your brain is effectively the command center for your body’s fat loss processes.For women and men alike, sometimes, nothing seems to workIt’s nearly impossible to get results from a dietCravings are erratic, and overpower your best effortsExercise is exhausting, but never accomplishes anythingDaily routines are too busy to focus on living a healthy lifestyleStress can cause emotional eatingIt’s not your fault. In fact, it’s not even your genetics’ fault. Everything happens in your brain. Just take it from leading neuroscientist Jason Mckeown: “You can lose weight through diet and exercise, but the process is difficult. The more you exercise, the hungrier you get. Your hypothalamus makes you want to eat more. The desire increases and increases. People feel like they’re never full, their mood is low, and they have strong drive for sugary foods.”On top of that, your brain regulates your body’s natural fat loss hormones like estrogen, leptin, cortisol, and insulin.If you’ve felt like nothing works, now you know; it’s honestly not your fault. By taking down the subconscious mental barriers to weight loss, you can finally unlock the limitless, no-holds-barred fat loss you’ve been trying to achieve……And, in doing so, heal your body and mind!In Rapid Weight Loss Hypnosis, you’ll learn a series of targeted self-hypnosis, meditation, and mindfulness diets and routines that help you: Engage your body’s natural fat-regulating hormonesOvercome your erratic appetite, and easily stick to diets that accelerate weight lossFeel more energized for intense, calorie blasting workouts that blowtorch your fat reservesSmash through your negative thoughts, and use the power of positivity to supercharge your fat lossEffortlessly build mini habits that optimize your ability to drop more pounds every weekHypnosis and meditation are not purely spiritual; they’re time-tested, science-backed practices that are proven to unlock many different functions of your mind.So, now you know! It’s not genetics, it’s not age (this works whether you’re under 20, or over 50) and it’s not magic; nothing is holding you back from reaching your health goals, besides your own mental barriers.It’s time to smash through those obstacles, with science-based, tried-and-true self-hypnosis exercises that unleash the full potential of your body and mind!Sounds intimidating, right? Don’t worry; these mental exercises are quick, simple, and fully detailed for your easy understanding. So, whether you’re an expert meditator, or you’ve never tried mindfulness exercises before… This short, simple book makes it as easy as counting to 3.So, what are you waiting for? Scroll up and click “Add to Cart”, and unlock the path to success!