Rapid Weight Loss Hypnosis: Stop Emotional Eating and Lose Weight Naturally to Heal your Body with Guided Meditations and Positive Affirmations (Hardcover)

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Discover How to Use the Power of Your Mind to Eliminate Toxic Eating Habits and Ditch Those Extra Pounds Without Spending Tons of Money or Hours in the Gym or Surgery! Are you sick of trying diet after fad diet to help you lose weight, without success? Tired of having to spend countless hours in the gym for minuscule results? Luna Perez hands you a revolutionary blueprint to weight loss without weird dieting and hours at the gym in this powerful book. You’ll discover how to turn your mind into a fat-burning tool using the power of self-hypnosis to hack your biology.This book includes: – How hypnosis for weight loss works- Benefits and downsides of hypnosis for weight loss- Emotional eating, the problems related to it, and the solution of this through hypnosis- The Importance of portion control and avoiding binge eating and how to solve all the problems that cause it through hypnosis.- Healthy eating hypnosis- Stop sugar cravings hypnosis- How Hypnosis Can Help Control Food Addiction- Positive Affirmations for Weight Loss- Sleeping hypnosis- Dealing with Stress- How to Lose Weight…And much more And how to use them, as well as guided meditations to overcome your weight-loss difficulties in the fastest and easiest way.Do you want to change your life?