Rose’s Wellness Healthy Eating Cookbook : Weight Loss & Disease Prevention- (Weight Loss, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Digestive Health & Inflammation) (Paperback)

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Welcome to a few of my favorite recipes! Here you will find simple and clean recipes to help you achieve healthy/sustainable weight loss that will help you improve your health! Recipes are low glycemic/low carb, anti-inflammatory, naturally gluten free and have healthy fats with lean protein. Providing you balance, comfort, relief to satisfy you with NO GUILT! (Desserts, Meals, Smoothie & Immune Boosters. Suitable for-Weight LossDiabetes/Blood Sugar ManagementHeart Disease (High Blood Pressure/Cholesterol)InflammationGut Issues (Gluten Sensitivity/Allergy, IBS, Leaky Gut)Bonus Material- Naturally Gluten Free Food List! As a weight loss expert & an internal health specialist after seeing the miracles that have taken place within my clients’ lives & health I’ve decided to share some recipes that I have used & created for my clients! I hope you enjoy these healthy recipes that can also help you target healthy weight loss, help prevent heart disease, balance blood sugars, improve gut health & more!I’ve tried every diet out there. I was just sick & tired of all the the guilt, the bingingand the constant yo-yo dieting, until I stopped all this DIET MADNESS…I ended dieting & restricting, once & for all! That’s when my life changed!I’ve created the Life, Body & Health I’ve always desired!Today, my mission is to do this for you as well!Trust me, you don’t have to give up the foods you love, instead just learn how to replace or swap them out with a healthier choice. This is key to a healthier lifestyle with out all the restrictions & struggles! I dedicate this Ebook to my 3 sons Anthony (who has T1D), Nico, Tommy & my husband Tommy who have supported me, enjoyed these healthy recipes and allowed me grow my passion which is to help people with their health goals! Rose Serluca Rose’s