Safe Catch Elite Wild Tuna Garlic Herb 5 oz

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Lowest Mercury of Any Brand. Kosher. 5.0 oz cans of Elite Wild Tuna, with Garlic Herb Seasoning Mercury Tested Our purest tuna! Artisan Cook Process Amazing taste and texture! No Artificial Additives or Fillers Just pure tuna and premium seasonings! Sustainably Caught!Founded on care, grounded in scienceSafe Catchs inspired beginnings were brought to life by our founders care for his Mom, when she developed mercury poisoning from eating a daily regimen of tuna. As a scientist in training, Sean sprung into technical action, determined to prevent this from happening to other moms, infants, children, and everyone else. Mercury TestedWe hand select and test every, single, tuna, to a mercury limit (10x) lower than the FDA action limit. No other brand in the world does this. That is why Safe Catch Elite and Ahi, Wild Yellowfin are proven to meet Consumer Reports Low Mercury criteria set for pregnant and nursing women and young children. These products are also the only tuna endorsed by the American Pregnancy Association. At Safe Catch, we test because we care. Artisan cook processChefs know, slow cooking premium ingredients leads to amazing taste and texture. That is why we hand fillet and pack nothing but sashimi grade tuna steaks, never fillers or artificial additives. In contrast, Industrial Tuna is cooked first on racks, refrozen, thawed, machine packed, where fillers are added, then cooked a second time, which may be an effective mass production process but definitively not an artisanal one. Our handcrafting of premium fish into noticeably elite tuna steaks makes Safe Catch a healthy and deliciously differentiated tuna. Nothing added, nothing drainedCarefully crafted pure ingredients make for amazing seafood that stands apart. With Safe Catch Elite tuna there is nothing to pour down the drain. Simply open the can and use a fork to flake the tuna steak, then watch the natural omega-3s and vital oils be absorbed by the tuna. Have you ever wondered, Why do I have to drain a can of tuna? We did too, so thats why Safe Catch Elite tuna never adds water or oil fillers. We take pride in carefully preparing the best tuna nature has to offer, for you. Sustainably caughtWe proudly follow the recommendations of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program. All Safe Catch seafood is wild caught, only using sustainable fishing practices. We never use FADs or long lines, which encourages healthy fish stocks while protecting dolphins and turtles. Our mission is to Protect You and Our Oceans.

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