Secrets to Losing Weight : The Twelve Truths of Real Weight Loss (Paperback)

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Dear Frustrated Dieter, If you are like me, you are tired of the weight-loss then weight-gain rollercoaster ride. I struggled for fifteen years losing weight then gaining weight again and again. Research shows that 96% of all weight loss attempts fail. For me, 100% of my attempts to lose weight failed! I tried many fad diets including one with cabbage and bananas. Yes, I lost weight (mostly water weight) but soon after it all came back. And I looked and felt worse than ever. I studied and interviewed over two hundred people who had successfully lost weight and kept it off…even years later. What I discovered was… They did NOT go from one fad diet to another, did NOT exercise for hours a day. They just stuck to their plan and it worked like magic! And they were more than willing to tell me EXACTLY how they did it! This uncovers how hundreds of people lost weight and kept it off, PERMANENTLY! Learn the one behavior no other weight loss program talks about that will guarantee you lose all the weight you want, and never have to diet again. This is the ONLY comprehensive, no-fluff, complete weight loss E-book that explains the truth about eating, exercise, lifestyle, and mindset of losing weight and keeping it off permanently…without dieting. Best part: this has NOTHING to do with setting goals, making resolutions, or tracking your results. Those activities usually result in disappointment, frustration, and eventually lead to failure. This is everything you need to make this year the year you lose weight…and keep it off for good! So, if you are ready for change, ready for REAL and permanent results that will leave you looking and feeling amazing every time you look in the mirror, read the Secrets to Losing Weight and take action today!