Sirtfood Diet : The Ultimate Guide with Healthy Recipes to Activate Skynny Gene, Born Fat, Weight Loss and Get Lean (Hardcover)

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Do you feel as if your body was desperately resisting your dieting efforts and clinging to every ounce of fat as if it was a priceless treasure?You’re not alone. 90% of dieters never achieve their weight loss goals – and if they do, the pounds come back as soon as they stop counting calories or working out for hours on end.But what if you could simply flip a switch and put your body into fat-burning mode?What if you could ditch the “one pound a week” rule touted by mainstream “experts” and lose up to ONE POUND A DAY?What if you could sculpt your dream body without spending hours on the elliptical, feeling like a sweaty hamster in its wheel?This is exactly what the Sirtfood diet does.Eating foods rich in so-called sirtuins has been proven to activate a fat-burning gene and trigger metabolic pathways that make your body get rid of extra pounds FAST. This book will show you exactly how it happens – and how YOU can activate your skinny gene with delicious, affordable foods.This book will help you: Understand the body-changing power of sirtuinsAdapt the Sirtfood diet to your unique taste preferencesKick-start your weight loss in 7 days without having to fear the yo-yo effectCook a rich variety of sirtuin-rich meals without making a dent in your budgetFeel strong and confident in your dream body as you maintain your weight effortlessly!Celebrities like Adele and Pippa Middleton SWEAR by the Sirtfood diet. Follow their advice and enjoy a fast, effortless, and healthy body transformation!