Soylent Plant Protein Meal Replacement Shake Original 14 fl oz Each / Pack of 12

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Complete Nutrition. Science Backed and Sustainable. 39 Essential Nutrients. 28 Vitamins & Minerals + 9 Amino Acids + Omega-3 + Omega-6. 20g Plant Protein. No Artificial Flavors or Colors. Gluten Free. Dairy Free. Nut Free. Vegan. Kosher. Contains: 12 – 14 fl oz. Shakes. A Complete Meal in a Bottle! Nutritious, Delicious and Sustainable. Our plant-based complete nutrition shakes provide your body with everything it needs to thrive. A convenient, rich and creamy meal substitute, our meal replacement & protein shakes are formulated to fill in nutritional gaps and provide essential nutrients you may otherwise be lacking. Enriched with 20g of plant-based protein, 39 essential nutrients, 1g total sugars, 600mg omega-3 healthy fat, and 400 calories of slow-burning carbs, our healthy drinks help you get full and stay full. An easy solution for anyone looking to reduce poor food choices or change their diet, our meal replacement shakes can help you lose, gain or maintain weight, or simply incorporate more plant-based protein into your diet.

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