The 101 Course to the Intermittent Fasting Diet 16/8, for Women, Men and Over 50. Promote Health and Weight Loss Through Autophagy (Paperback)

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Do you want to promote health and weight loss through intermittent fasting 16/8 If yes, then keep reading.You look like millions of people who have tried different diets and wellness plans, low in calories, and high in carbohydrates, from an excessive calorie limit to 6 frequent meals. You found that despite all the promises and supposed ‘evidence’, everyone was equally ineffective like the previous one. Like so many people, you are probably tired of all the hype. The last thing you want to spend your time and energy on is a different diet! If so, this is great because I am not going to share a menu with you. This is not an entirely new invention of the fitness world and not yet another new hobby for health, based on crazy and unreasonable claims. Instead, it is the secret of weight loss, health, youth, vitality and longevity, which is based on ancient knowledge of how our body heals, regenerates and rejuvenates.This secret was known and used by significant figures from the past, from the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates to the warriors of Sparta and beyond. This is called intermittent fasting, and it will completely change your lifestyle, appearance, feelings and thoughts! Although long forgotten, it was recently rediscovered and quickly became one of the most popular ways to burn fat, stimulate your mind, heal your body, fight depression and give yourself the gift of a long life. First things first: what is intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting (or ALS) is a term that describes how you can lose weight, your health, mind, improve mood and life through regular fasts and fasts off to change (often called ‘feed’).People often confuse the intermittent position with a diet with limited calories. Still, although the IF gives you all the health benefits and weight loss during calorie restriction, it happens without overloading you a considerable thrust, crippling fatigue and a constant amount of calories that make up of a limited form of calorie intake. Another thing that distinguishes IF from other nutrition plans is that it is simply not a diet at all. Foods are challenging to follow, physically, mentally and emotionally stressed, and very often quite dull, limited and strict. The exact opposite is true; although you have to reduce your calorie intake drastically, this only happens for a short period. The rest of the time, you can eat as usual without worrying about grams, calories, and portions. This book covers the following topics: Different types of intermittent fastingintroducing the 16:8 methodhow to follow the 16:8 methodtips and tools to stay focusedfirst 30 days of intermittent fasting program schedulebenefits of intermittent fastinghow weight loss is achieved in generalnutrition and dietary recommendationscommon mistakes to avoid when fastingthe risk of intermittent fastingwhy intermittent fasting for women need to be different than for men setting your pacehow the intermittent fasting guide is important for your lifestyledelicious and easy 16:8 method recipesAnd much more We had always experienced periods of abundant food supply, often followed by times when food was scarce, so our bodies are already cycling professionally between fasting and eating. Sometimes it’s not just the skill with which our collection is designed to spend long periods without calories to consume, but also a great mechanism to achieve everything from weight loss to a longer life.Do you want to learn more. Don’t wait anymore, press the buy now button and get started.