THE Pre-Workout MIKE AND IKE® Flavors (Limited Time Only) – 30servings – Screamin’ Sour Cherry

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MyPRO x MIKE AND IKE®! The wait is finally over – you wanted us to incorporate our popular MIKE and IKE® flavors into our cutting edge Pre-Workout formula and we delivered. We have you covered whether you prefer the MIKE AND IKE® Original Fruits or Sour profiles – or try both to see which you like most, you might be surprised! Available in Strawberry and Screamin’ Sour Cherry, try the newest addition to our PRO range only while supplies last. It’s designed to help you break barriers, whatever your goal, morning or night, THE Pre-Workout™ pushes you to accomplish more – rep after rep, set after set. MIKE AND IKE® is a registered trademark of Just Born, Inc. Bethlehem, PA, USA, and is used under license. ©2021

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