The Right To Shower Strength Bar Soap Red Ginger Currant 7 oz

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Crafted to be Fair, Wholesome & Good For All. Head to Toe Cleanser. With This Bar, You Help Bring Mobile Showers to People Living on the Streets. Made in USA. 100% Vegan. Made with Naturally Derived Cleansers. Not Tested on Animals. Rainforest Alliance Certified. Experience the right to Strength. Cleanse and invigorate body and mind with the rich scent of red ginger and fresh currants. Rebuild your inner strength with this powerful scent of saffron, coffee and citrus. Our soap bar is crafted to be fair, wholesome and good for all with a sulfate free, paraben free, alcohol free and skin nourishing formula. It can be used as a body soap, hand soap, shampoo, and face wash. Our vegan soap is not tested on animals and packaged in 100% recycled carton paper. Its handmade in small batches in the USA with local and imported ingredients, including Rainforest Alliance Certified Palm Oil. Let our creamy lather uplift your body and mind, leaving your skin feeling renewed and refreshed, while you help bring mobile showers and dignity to people living on the streets.

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